Daily Dispatches

Title: Everest Expedition 2008 Spring

12 April 2008: The Ice Fall Doctors are very experienced Sherpas...

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Dick, Kame, Mingmar, Ngima and Pemba left camp about 8am heading up into the Ice Fall. It turned out that the Ice Fall Doctors had not finished the route up to Camp One yet. The route they had fixed so far was very nice and very safe; however, it seems that the National Park Service had instructed them to stop work on the route. This caused some confusion and dismay among the climbers. But many groups headed into the Ice Fall to get some altitude and experience maneuvering through the chunks of ice and over the ladders


The morning was hot in the Ice Fall with bright sun hitting it full force. The guys returned for lunch in the early afternoon and by then we had alternating snow showers and shots of sun. The temperature changes drastically with the appearance and disappearance of the sun so jackets were always nearby.


We heard that the six Ice Fall Doctors would be going back tomorrow to finish the fixed line to Camp One which is good news. The Ice Fall Doctors are very experienced Sherpas who put the fixed lines in each year. Each expedition pays for their services and they are very adept at finding the best route through the Khumbu Ice Fall.

There have been lots of rumors going around about the schedule for being able to move up the mountain and a lack of accurate information. It is an interesting year at Everest Base Camp!