Daily Dispatches

Title: Everest Expedition 2008 Spring

3 April 2008: Chet hiked to Imjatse base camp at 5150 meters...

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Illness continued to plague the group, even following a rest day at Chukhung. Dick was most severely affected with both gastrointestinal and respiratory ailments, Terri and Chet with respiratory involvement, all of us on antibiotics, decongestants, anti-inflammatory and various other drugs. Chet perceived himself well enough to try climbing Imjatse (Island Peak) at 6189 meters (20,250 feet) elevation, so Kame, Mingmar and Chet hiked to Imjatse base camp at 5150 meters (16,900 feet) in preparation for ascent the next day the weather was moderate. Dende our cook, warmed our bodies with hot tea and filled our bellies with dhal blat (lentils and rice), canned beans and cheese slices. Our climbing gear was organized and ready for 2:00 AM departure.