23 November, 2005 Wednesday: David and Lakpa arrived in Namche; group in Monjo...

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Top from Left: Bill Anderson, Callie Taintor, David Breashears, Wongchu Sherpa and Steve McCarthy Bottom from Left: Kami Sherpa, Lakpa Gelje Sherpa and at Kathmandu Airport.

David and Lakpa Arrived in Namche; group in Monjo

The team together with David Breashears and Wongchu Sherpa left Kathmandu by Yeti Air. After 40 minutes in the air, with spectacular mountain views, they arrived in Lukla, and had a nice breakfast at the Everest Lodge.

After organizing gear, David and his right hand filming Sherpa, Lakpa Gelje left for Namche, while the rest of the team rested in Monjo the first night. David stayed in the new “David Breashears Room” in the Khumbu Lodge. The Khumbu Lodge made a nice room in honor of David. He has been staying at the Khumbu Lodge since 1983. All of his expeditions and filming teams have stayed here, including Everest IMAX film in 1996 and Universal Studios Expedition in 2004. Former owner Pasang Kami Sherpa was a very good friend to David.
Peak Promotion have another trekking team with 2 trekkers. Yi-Wyn Yen, a Sportswriter living in New York and Megan Barrett, a Communications Specialist living in Seattle. Megan and Yi-Wyn trekked with the team to Monjo enjoying the company and the Yaks along the way, staying with the team at the Kailash Lodge.