Daily Dispatches

Title: Everest Expedition 2008 Spring

2 April 2008: Chet takes a shot at climbing Island Peak....

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After sitting up all night all I hoped for was time to pass and the antibiotics to work - Cipro for the diarrhea and Zithromycin for the bronchitis. I was terribly dehydrated and struggled most of the day even keeping some liquids down.


Chet wasn’t feeling too bad so he decided to go with our Sherpa’s and porters tomorrow to climb Island Peak. In the afternoon Chet went through the necessary climbing gear for Island Peak.


All three of us were now taking Zithromycin for bronchial congestion (coughing, sore throat and burning in upper chest). Fortunately for me the Cipro was working quickly and by the end of the day I could keep liquids down. Unfortunately the best I could hope for was to stay put and let the drugs continue to work. It is amazing how our sterile environment in the US makes us so ill prepared for the conditions here, I spent the whole day in my sleeping bag. Tomorrow will be another rest day for Terri and I while Chet takes a shot at climbing Island Peak.