Daily Dispatches

Title: Everest Expedition 2008 Spring

27 March 2008: Thame...

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Today we left busy Namche and trekked on a beautiful trail through fir trees and more rhododendrons. Then we followed the Bhote Koshi, a clear river rushing over boulders with a hydro plant that supplies power to Thame. We all had katas on the rail of the first bridge that we came to and watched them blowing in the breeze along with all the prayer flags.

We passed many colorful mani stones. This area is very rocky with not only numerous mani stones, but also stone buildings and gorgeous stone fences everywhere. Most of the day we passed by beautiful farmlands with stone fences. Some people were starting to plant potatoes that had been buried under mounds of dirt in the fields during the winter to keep them from freezing. Stone corals held Naks (a cross between cows and yaks) and yaks. Both Dick and Chet befriended several calves that we found along the way. There were cheerful children playing and a group of nuns dressed in red going down the trail. Majestic jagged snow covered peaks rose above the rocky hills all along our walk to Thame.

We arrived at the Sunshine Lodge, had lunch and found our rooms. A hike to the Thame Monastery (Gompa) followed. It was a fifteen minute hike up to the monastery perched on the hillside above Thame. The monastery was established around 325 years ago. At the monastery we were allowed in where we saw books over 300 years old lining two of the walls.

On the way up to the monastery we had a view of the summit of Cho Oyu through the clouds. There were also great views of the surrounding peaks, Thame and the Thame hydro plant.