Daily Dispatches

Title: Everest Expedition 2008 Spring

22 March 2008: Sightseeing and visiting to friends...

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Another beautiful, warm day in Kathmandu… After a great breakfast Dr. Binod Bijukchhe took Dick Chet and I to Pashupatinath, a Hindu Temple. A large complex that spans the river Bagmati, It was a busy morning. Fruits and jewelry were being sold, monkeys were playing freely on the grounds, many people were going in and out of the temple to pray and one cremation was undergoing on a platform adjacent to the river. Another body was being prepared for cremation as the family gathered nearly. Generally, the bodies are brought to the river for cremation the day of death. Building along the river house the family members for thirteen days of mourning following the cremation ceremony.

Next we went to Boudhanath , A very large stupa is surrounded by colorful building, many prayers wheels, monks dressed in maroon and numerous shops. We walked a lot and received a nice education on the variety of quality and materials used in pashminas. Many shops carry them but they aren’t all equal and they aren’t all made in Nepal. Having been properly informed course I bought one!

Dr. Bijukchhe was a wonderful guide and had other sites for us to visit but we needed to return to the hotel where we took taxi to Dawa Sherpa’s house for lunch with him and his family. Following lunch and a nice visit, Dawa took us to a rug factory where we watched how they were made and saw then wide variety of finished rugs made from hemp & wool and or silk. Many of the designs were contemporary. The colors were all very beautiful with a wide array of styles.

Before dropping Dawa off at his home we saw the land where construction of his new house is to start an acre and has been planting fruits trees and other plants for several years waiting for the time he could start building the house.

We returned to the Guest House to relax and have a beer.