Daily Dispatches

Title: Everest Expedition 2008 Spring

21 March 2008: Lots of activities...

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Today most stores and businesses are closed for Holi, Festival of color and water celebrating the arrival of spring. Water balloons are thrown between the balconies that line the streets and down to the street below. Various colors of powdered chalk are rolled into balls and then smeared on everyone available. A joyous but crazy festivals and a good day to stay off the streets…
Chet brought his friend, Dawa Sherpa, to breakfast with us. Chet met Dawa several years ago when they both participated in the Khumbu Climbing School as instructors.


Following breakfast Chet left the Tibet guest House with a local pediatric orthopedic surgeon from the Children’s Hospital in Kathmandu. Chet accompanied Dr. Binod Bijukachhe on his rounds reviewed x-rays and discussed prior and upcoming surgeries. It was a full and interesting day.
Meanwhile, Dick met with Inmarsat Managing Director, Anil Piya, representatives from Omnitec, a Dubai company supplying three GPS devices to track the progress of the climbers and climbing Sherpas.

The operation of the units was explainer. There was also a great deal of time spent explaining the software. Other than carrying the units, most of the work will be setting up the website links and view. While moving each day, locations will be transmitted every 30 minutes. During the trek we will only use one unit to track our progress to Base Cam. One we are at base camp we will use all three units. They will show where we are each day. We will also locate our camps. All of this can be viewed on a 3 dimensional view of the mountains.