May 16, 2007 - News from the summit of Mt. Everest

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Today Peak Promotion made another history in Mountaineering. We got the news that all Members and Sherpa climbers of Peak Promotion summit Mt. Everest. At 9:15 am Sonam Sherpa, the members of Lions Club hoist the flag of Lions at the top of the world. He was standing to the top with our Sherpa climbers Lakpa Sherpa. It’s Lakpa’s fourth summit attempt and Sonam’s first summit on Mt. Everest.

Johan Ernst Nilson, Kami Sherpa and Da Chamba Sherpa Summited Everest at 9:45 am local time. This is a great achievement of Peak Promotion again this year. Kami made his 6th summit and Da Chamba’s third summit.