April 21, 2007 - We are in dining tent near the warm heater

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We separated food and equipments that we are going to take up to camp II for tomorrow.

We are in dining tent near the warm heater. Just now we are watching snow fall, cannot go outside. We don’t know when the snow fall will stop. If the weather goes bad, then we won’t be able to go to camp II. It will be impossible for us. We still have time to take rest. On this free day, we are doing online chat through internet with our friend.


Johan is sending his web cast on the internet, doctors are talking (Peak Promotion organizes Base Camp Clinic camp in co-ordination with Himalayan Rescue Association) with our guy Carl Robert, the base camp manager. There is no any patient today. Our staff are upsetting by lots of snow fall; weather we can go up to camp II tomorrow or not.