April 18, 2007 - It is very steep wall on the face of Mt. Lhotse

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Early in the morning Chamba and Pemba (camp two cook) went up to camp II to spend the night. Today we set up the camp at camp III. They went early otherwise it is low chance to get the good place for tent place to set up. Because this spring, there are cluster of climbing groups. If we didn’t hold place for the camp side at camp three, it could be very difficult for us to find a camp. No bigger place is there in camp III. It is very steep wall on the face of Mt. Lhotse. And, we have to break ice and it takes immense energy. After finished holding the camp at camp III, Chamba and cook Pemba went down to camp I. Rest of the climbing member Johan, Sonam and climbing sherpa Lakpa, who were in Camp I woke up.

I knew through the Lakpa that Sonam thrown out at night and Johan could not sleep for whole night. They are trying to go down by 9am at base camp. I had a conversation about the situation with them while we were walking together in the ice fall. At this moment our kitchen boy Furi brought some food and juice for members. We arrived at base camp about 1 pm. Johan was too tired (well everybody were tired, it all day, sometimes in night, just climbing and climbing) and Sonam and Lakpa have eaten lunch and slept till 5:30. Although Johan couldn’t move anywhere from dining hall…..To tired!!!

Now I’m preparing to send video to Nepal television which I couldn’t send for long time. Finally, I send it today but I have to make it E-mail size then only it is possible. Nepal Television is giving everyday updates through their news.Things are going well!! Tomorrow we will have rest day. The doctors are seemed to be busy at base camp. Many people are getting sick by cold. Till now I’m not hearing any news from camp two. Hope to hear by evening about other groups.

The picture above is carl Carl Robert Bjorkander from Sweden. He will be the Base Camp manager for Johan during his adventure on Mount Everest. He arrived to Base Camp on the 16th of april. Now He have settled down in this fantastic world that is the Base Camp on Everest. During the past four years he had worked with hunting in places such as Alaska, Tanzania, South Africa and Tunisia.