April 11, 2007 - Finally at Everest Base Camp

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We started walking to Everest Base camp at 9am and arrived at Everest Base camp at 12 pm. The way here was horrible. Just stone everywhere and the snow was whipping our face. We found our two Sherpa cook Pemba Sherpa and Pemba Nima Sherpa coming with thermos of juice for us. They were already in EBC for set up camp and logistics with another Base camp Sherpa staff. As soon as we reached to base camp, we had put up our tent and all baggage inside the tent. We also met an interesting doctor when we came to BC. We did the world’s first experiment at high altitude of seeing how AMS works, quite interesting. We are now sitting and having dinner which was served by our cook, planning the climbing of the highest mountain in the world – Mount Everest.