April 08, 2007 - Sonam and Lakpa climbed Island Peak

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Sonam and Lakpa climbed Island Peak

On 8th April 2007 Johan was feeling much better than last day and we were looking up to island peak weather someone is climbing or not. Sonam and Lakpa Gelje informed that they would meet us in Dingboche. But till the evening they didn’t arrive so we were little worried about them. I and one our porter went to Chhukung to find out them. Surprisingly I found sonam sleeping at dining and Lakpa Gelji was having dinner. I told them that we were so much worried about those guys. Lakpa told me that Sonam thrown out after they climbed island peak so it was even very difficult him to get back Chhukung. About half an hour later, Sonam wake up and described about his condition. Again he went to bed and spent night. Even though he was not better and well… he has to sleep more.