April 05, 2007 - Dingboche

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Thyengboche to Dingboche

Today we got blessed by the both the Head Lama of Tyengboche and Phangboche. Normally you are not allowed and audience with the head lama but my Sherpa friends know them very well. I got a very special gift to put around my neck: a small package with a feather from the only bird that can fly over Everest, blessed seeds from Dalai Lama and prayers from the head lama. This should be around my neck until I get down from Everest. He has been given this to many climbers and none of these have had an accident.

We walked further on to another monastery and another. I have had the honor to meet two of the most important lamas here and that has been an experience. The Tengboche monastery was built in 1600 century and then burned down. But the new one is also very beautiful and built in a traditional way.

The actual trek to us four hrs which is pretty good. Tomorrow we have a restday….