March 31, 2007 - Now I am sitting here in Lukla after 10 years

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To be able to travel all around the world like I do is a privilege, but there are downsides also. Many times I have been on expeditions where the organization is bad and the logistic is poor.
When I decided to climb Mt Everest, I looked through all the websites I could find in able to find the right team and agency.
In 1997 I climbed Peak Promotion together with Swedish climber Goran Kropp. Wongchu arranged the expedition and it was a success in many ways. So when deciding the agency my choice was easy. Of course, I wanted to compare Peak Promotion with others to know that I am paying the right price and that I get the right support and logistics.

Now I am sitting here in Lukla after 10 years again and it as always perfect.

We arrived this morning after a delayed flight and me and Kami and the others have been filming, hiking and laughing all day. Our expedition will not only be advanced in terms of climbing, but also regarding the technology. We have sat phones, Inmarsat terminal; three laptops, 8 cameras, two DV cameras and many many more things that need to work in extreme environments. It is a full time job and we have been sitting here for five hours. Now I am dead and need some sleep….god night my friends….

Me and Kami, Sonam and Lapka have been trekking up the mountain all day towards Phakding. On the way we met Paul and Phil, two Americans who will also go to Everest. Paul has been on the summit three times, so this will be his forth. We got along well and will spend a lot of time in BC.
The nature here is stunning. It is such a privilege to be able to stand here and look out over the valley. I have had a little bit of a problem with my back but for the moment everything is good. There are so many people from the villages that are following our adventure on Nepal Television. In every corner people come running with Khatas (sacred scarf) to wish us good luck.
The weather is good, the people are friendly and the trek is beautiful….I am very happy person!
Johan Ernst Nilson