13th Oct 2018, Trek to Tengboche (3860m)

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Hello friends! Now I sit in "Teahouse" ( Everest Rhododendron Lodge & restaurant)in Tengboche 3860 m after good dinner (Vegetable fried rice with cheese) and green the who is a very common meat and drink for us. We are only nine people in the "restaurant" who have warm cloth and three of us sit around the fireplace to warm themselves . The clock is seven and soon when go to bed in a rather  cool room when is no heater, but we have very warm sleeping bags for -20 degrees!! For the first time the room is little more simple with no shower . The day have been very amazing!!! Rather tuff walking in 5 hours but absolutely worth it because the view!  Tomorrow we have breakfast seven a clock and walk away 7.30. Goodnight!!