20 March 2007, Way into Lo Manthang.

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We descend from Tsarong back down to the river and re-cross the steel bridge, ascending again up the other side. Most of the trail today is fairly gentle and much of its is on a roadbed that is to eventually be a bus route through Mustang. Early on we pass herds of goats and yaks on the steep hillsides. Except for a little snow that remains on the lower slopes, the hills are mostly shades of gray, brown and ochre with spiny tufts of purple succulents that the goats and yaks find tasty. We pass nomads on horseback and a house selling wares to those that travel this route. Finally we see Lo Manthong in the distance. Here the hills are more colourful with darker colors and earthen reds added in. We make our way into Lo Manthong in time for lunch and showers followed by a walk to one of the monasteries.