October 7, 2012 - Back to Kathmandu

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October 7, 2012 - Back in Kathmandu 

Just before 2 pm today we rolled back into Kathmandu and again checked in at the Holy Himalaya. Thamel looks just like when we left it and the guy selling wooden flutes is still standing at the same corner. A bit strange to be back in a busy city after first the tranquil mountains and then the hectic day in Chitwan yesterday though. 

We can probably all agree on that we’ve had some fantastic weeks here, and everything has been working absolutely tip-top all along the way. Don’t think any of us has ever been so well looked after on a trip and even the weather was kind to us during the whole trip. In other words, couldn’t have been better. 

We can also conclude that Nepal is really a country of contrasts. It’s either the cleanest mountain air you can imagine, or the most polluted city air you have to breathe. It’s either hot and humid which makes you sweat without doing anything at all, or dry, crisp and chilly which makes want to stay in your sleeping bag. You either have no people around you at all, or the streets are packed with, sometimes too many, people. You’re either surrounded by miles of moraine hills or dense rain forest. Definitely, a cool country worth visiting again with plenty left to see.  

After some more souvenir shopping (no, Caroline couldn’t resist that rug) and a farewell dinner with our new friends from Peak Promotion the only thing left is the final day tomorrow. We wouldn’t be surprised if we keep things in a low gear with some last minute shopping, a good cup of coffee somewhere and packing up the last bits and pieces before we fly out tomorrow night. 

Thanks for reading and see you all at home.
// Kristofer, Ulrika, Björn and Caroline