September 27, 2012 - Sama Gaun

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mt. Makalu

September 27, 2012 - Sama Gaun

The morning started with a blue sky and a great view of Manaslu – it couldn’t have been better.  An hour later we also got a glimpse of the base camp and our guide pointed out where the other three camps normally are.

Once again I’m amazed of the loads the Nepali people carry. Today we passed a women (and I got to feel tall for once) who carried three living hens in the bottom of her basket and on top of that a homebuilt lid of branches and clothes and on top of that some other stuff.

Today has been the second day in a row with just a short hike – we reached Sama at lunchtime.  The village is buzzing: They are building everywhere - hotel & lodges are popping up. Due to the accident on Manaslu many climbing teams are leaving and everything is fully booked. Porters are coming down the mountain all the time with bags, gas bottles, tents, chairs and tables… you name it. 

Our hotel is one of the building sites and we have a wonderful view from our room – a dental clinic in open air!

In the afternoon we visited another monastery, the one yesterday was 13 years old and the one today 300 years old. On the hill outside the monastery there was another small village almost deserted, we only saw one family and a ragged beast – the trip’s first yak.

Now we are playing Trivial Pursuit and waiting for tonight’s highlight: a Snickers springroll for dessert. 

Written ByUlrika

manaslu view from Lho


Ulrika feel tall for once



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Sama gaun