September 26, 2012 - Namrung to Lho

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Simnag Himal

September 26, 2012 - Namrung to Lho

Oh, sorry, should have started with Namaste! But it’s been pretty Wow! today. Like most other days. We’re surrounded by beauty and it’s all too big to fit in the camera. The mountains and waterfalls are too high, the valleys too deep, the rivers too long and the views too wide. When we get home you’re all going to hear how much more beautiful it was than what our pictures will be able to show.

For the first time, we started to see glimpses of the really high mountains today. If we’ve understood things right, we’ve seen parts of Manaslu Mt already, but the highest peak is supposedly hiding either behind some other peaks or in the clouds.

During the last three days we’ve moved up in altitude from about 1400 m to about 3200 m asl and it’s not only the culture that’s been changing. We’ve also walked through quite varying flora. From humid, rain forest and jungle like environments in the beginning, to more Scandinavian like surroundings. Yesterday, we came across pine forests, lichens, fern leaves and oak trees and today, we’ve been walking through more agricultural land with barley, cabbage and apple trees growing everywhere. In other words, almost like home. Almost… 

We also seem to have left donkey land behind us and since this morning we’ve been mainly sharing the trail with dzopa - a cross between a cow and a yak. They’re definitely a lot bigger than the donkeys and with big, nasty horns for sure. Better be nice to those. 

Today’s highlight – except for getting the views of the really big peaks – was the visit to Ribum monastery and school, which is located on the top of the hill just outside Lho. Colorful and beautiful like nothing else and with a great view over the village and the valley to one side and the snow covered mountains to the other. Also, good to see that it seems about as hard to get some thirty children to sit down and be quiet in Nepal as in any other country. 

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near the Lho Village


ribum Monastery


monks at Ribum Monastery