14 March 2007, Visiting International Mountain Museum.

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14 March, 2007

We rose early today; 4:30 AM! We were to catch the first flight to Jomsom. It is less than 30 minutes to fly there and there really isn’t any other option. However, no flights flew yesterday to Jomsom and the same proved to be true today due to north winds and fog. So, we left the airport around 10 am and had a late breakfast at our hotel; Hotel Meeka.

Lapka was a great guide today. After breakfast, we went to a Hindu temple where we saw a wedding ceremony. We then went to a limestone cave named after King Mahendra. It was cool….and dark, of course. We travelled back through the local section of town. Cows in the roads and so much to take in around every corner.

We then went to the International Mountain Museum, near the airport.. It holds an outstanding history of mountains and mountaineering in Nepal. The museum tells the history of the mountain people of Nepal and other countries, their culture and introduces all 14 peaks over 8,000 meters. There’s a geological, flora and fauna section as well as a mountaineering section.

There are outstanding photos of British expeditions to Mount Everest from 1921 - the success of 1953. We climbed the 31 foot model of Mount Manaslu outside the museum and saw Nepali style housing. Dinner early tonight in hopes of getting to Jomsom tomorrow to begin our trek.