November 5, 2012 - Chyangba Village, Chyangba Monastery and Chyangba School

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Wongchu Goran Biswa Darsan School

November 5, 2012 - Chyangba Village

Tonight it was a cold night and when we woke up it was frost on the tent, but fortunately it became warm as soon as the sun had risen. No trekking on the schedule today, instead we were going to visit the monastery and the school of the village. After a breakfast out in the “wild” we set of to meet the children that have had the opportunity to be monks. When we came in to the monastery we were welcomed by twelve chanting boys. The monastery’s roof and benches was newly renovated from donations and it was beautiful inside with books from India and with different Buddha’s on the wall. We stayed for a while just feeling the atmosphere before we gave our contribution. 

Back in the camping site we enjoyed the very hot sun before lunch. After we eat we set off to visit the school. Every one of us was excited to visit the school and to see the reactions from the children when they got all the pencils we had bought them. Just like when we entered the village yesterday we were much warmed welcomed to the school. The children gave us flowers and kata’s and it felt very special for us. After a round tour in the classrooms all children got pencils from us and it was wonderful to see how happy they got. 

We ended the visit with thanks talk, tea and we gave a contribution to the school from us. This has been a really joyful day with a lot of laughs and today we are going to fall asleep hearing the local people enjoying them self’s together before it is time to say goodbye tomorrow.

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near the Chyangba Village


CHyangba Monastery


chyangba school


LOktta is donating to the Chyangba Village School


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