November 2, 2012 - Pike Peak

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Pike Peak

November 2, 2012 - Pike Peak

Today was the day. Pike peak should be climbed. We started from Ngaur after a cold night, with some ice on the ground. The path to the base camp first went through the same forest of Christmas threes (granskog) as the day before, and the last part was over an open slope above the tree level. Just before the base camp, we met some Nak (female Yak).

After lunch and a short rest in the base camp, we headed for the peak. Several in the group had altitude problems, but all started the climb. It was windy, some clouds, and we was not sure if we just should do a short try for acclimatize, or if we should reach the peak but not see anything.

Well, climbing, climbing, resting, climbing, climbing…. and after 400 meter up, the whole group was there, and believe it or not the weather was perfect. The amazing ridge of Himalaya was there in the afternoon sunshine. After a lot of photos and identification of 8000 meter peaks, like Mt. Everest highest peak top of the world. Mt Lhoste, Mt.Makalu, Mt.Kanchanjunga and many more other peaks. We went back down again.

After the pizza dinner, Nima and the crew surprised us with a Pike Peak celebration cake of chocolate. Everybody went to bed tired but happy with the day.

writtenMingma and Lakpa (Marianne and Per-Erik, we got the new name from the Pike Peak)

Pike Peak base Camp


view from Pike Peak


celebration cake