November 11, 2012 - Dingboche

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November 11, 2012 - Dingboche

Today was a lazy day! Woke up at 7 am – well rested after a good night sleep at 5190 meters! We managed to pack things, have some breakfast and tea and head down the mountain around 8.30 – lazy indeed! 

It was nice and easy 5 ½ stroll down the mountain (including plenty of stops for food and tea). It felt effortless, as our end destination Dingboche is located at 4385m, a good measure of altitude lower than where we slept last night. With all that extra oxygen available to the lounges, the walking felt like lying around on the sofa watching TV :)

Once again the views where amazing. The sky is almost clear of clouds, and we get to see some amazing views of the Himalayas, showered in the most gorgeous light.

Tonight we will chill out at Dingboche, and tomorrow we head of to Chukung, 4750ish meters, where we have to start preparing for the climb.

From our guesthouse here in Dingboche, we have a beautiful view of Island Peak – getting excited to head closer towards this beautiful mountain!

NOTE: we will not able to send blog for 3 days because of internet .We will continue to send blog after Island Peak Adventure




Glacier walk


back to dingboche






pemba at Kalaphatar