20th-Nov-2017, Trek back to Lukla

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Back to Lukla

Day 12, the 20th of November

All good things come to an end and so does this trek. But let's not focus on that just yet. We woke up after a warm (!) night in Monjo (2885m) and started to get wibes of life that was waiting us. At breakfast we all showed an appetite that would have been so useful in the previous days and soon we were off on the last bit of trek. We experienced the Himalayan morning sun and how it adds a good ten degrees, huge crews of people wanting to reach EBC like we did a few weeks back, and endless transports on the back of yaks, donkeys or men. We had a nice lunch at a place we had our very first lunch, great nostalgia for us! The sunshine that had made us company for two weeks  made room for some clouds as if the mountains were saying that now it's time for you to go home. We made it to Lukla and got quickly acquainted to the comforts of civilization. A great farewell dinner with the whole team was the icing to the cake!


So what did these two weeks on the rooftop of the world taught us? Well at least that total strangers are really just great friends you haven't met before, that you are stronger and more resilient than you think and that you really should embrace life as the great adventure it was made to be! And of course a big hand to Nepal that took our hearts with a storm, amazingly beautiful country with even more beautiful people! It still feels unreal that we've done this adventure, I guess it'll take some time to sink in but I'm convinced that this trip has had a profound impact on all of us and for the better. Just put together a group of people and place them in a stunning nature and you'll see how a like we really are, isn't that just the whole point, find out why we come along and not what's different!

A humble thank you to all of you making a long-lasting dream to come true in the best way, lot's of love to all of you!

"Mountains are calling and I must go"

✍️Juuso & Sami