9th-November- 2017 Trek back to Lukla

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On the day of November 9,2017

      Our last trekking day started with pancakes and Tibetan bread (like a huge donut with 2 fried eggs on top). We retraced our steps, winding our way down the lush valley towards Lukla. We looked back for our last view of thamserku , its snowy peak rising above the clouds, a mountain that has been with us most of the trek. We soon met up with the mule train of yesterday, back again carrying more cement up the valley - I counted 110! Ngwang phuri sherpa pointed out porters carrying fresh yak meat, sometimes lightly covered with paper or whole yak legs protruding from wicker baskets. Sometimes the meat is carried like this for 7 days or more this way to remote villages. It is forbidden to kill local yaks. We are now in the Khumbu resort lodge in Lukla having a farewell supper with our porter Pasang. A large group of English trekkers are in dance mode and the floor is being cleared - Gary can't wait to join in!!!