9th-Nov- 2017 Early in the morning fly to Lukla & trek to Phakding

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Thursday  9.11.2017

Early morning in Vaishali Hotel. Breakfast already at 6 am and then off to Kathmandu airport. Everyone in our team were quite nervous and filled with expectation – what would the day have in store for us?

Our flight to Lukla was a bit late but that didn't bother us. At least we would hit the trail at the same day. And when you're flying to Lukla that is an achievement. The flight was an experience itself and the landing on Lukla's 200 meter runway was something we all will remember forever.

After a nice cup of tea it was time to start trekking toward a little village called Phakding. We had lunch on the way at Thadokoshi and arrived to Phakding at 2 pm. Dinner was served at 6:30 pm.

Great hike, great views, great team and great friends. What a priviledge to be here with all of you!