3rd November 2017, Machhermo to Gokyo Lake

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On the day of November 3,2017 We did it! We arrived at Gokyo, our final Destination at 4800 meters at 1pm today. Ngwang Shepa is an absolute star for showing huge patience, and instilling great confidence in us. He's been quietly there supporting us the whole way. We both feel its been the hardest thing we've ever done, but by far the most rewarding.

Today we hiked up beside the terminal moraine of the Ngozumpa glacier, above the plant line now, with raw, dramatic rock formations, and following the river up to the glacial lakes at the head of the valley. The view back down the valley, the most spectacular and .....cant describe it! you'll have to look at the photos when we're home! We have a luxury tea house tonight as we felt we needed and deserved some pampering, especially as were up at 5.30 to climb Gokyo Ri for our view of Everest tomorrow. A sobering event this afternoon was seeing a helicopter land just by us, and a very sick looking woman being bundled into it. Thank goodness we're past the risk of serious altitude sickness now. Thats about it, except that we're very excited to have found some banana cake to have for our breakfast while on our climb, and a Snickers and Mars bar for the summit!