31 October 2017, Trek to Phorste Thanga

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On the day of October 31, 2017 After a relaxing start - pancakes and 'real' coffee - we headed off on our trek to Gokyo. The path was wide and easy at first and the snow-capped mountain views in the sun stunning. We passed a chorten (stupa) with brightly coloured prayer flags fluttering against the mountain backdrop. When the path divided - Everest base camp one way, Gokyo the other - the path got tough for me. I puffed and panted my way to our destination for the night Mong La (3900mtr.) through rhododendron woods and steep steps with a precipitous drop (like something out of Lord of the Rings). The altitude seemed to grasp every last breath from my lungs. Gary, on the other hand was in his element!!! We are now sitting by a stove fueled with dried yak dung which is incredibly warm. Maybe we could start a trend in dried cow pats back home??