5th April 2017 Trek Back to Dingbuche

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An oxygen holiday!

Today we made our initial descent from Basecamp – leaving behind not only separate pee and poop tents (we'll let you wonder about that one), but the oddly soothing roar of 24-hour avalanches, an extraordinary chef, and three of our trekmates:  Meg, Maria and Sanjeev stayed up at Basecamp to run the Everest ER for the duration of the climbing season.

Early this morning we began our descent from 17,600 feet to approximately 14,000 feet, which brings us back to the oxygen holiday.  Amazing how much one's lungs appreciate a difference of 3,600 feet.  It truly does feel like the best holiday our lungs have had in ages. 

Down at 14,000 feet, we return to a land where toilets with seats are a much-anticipated luxury, Pringles are a delicacy, Internet is sold in 200 MB increments, and hot orange tang always seems like a good idea after a long day of trekking.

We ended our day in Dingboche at the Everest Resort - whose defining characteristic is its signature bright red roof.

Tomorrow we descend even further – to roughly 12,000 feet.  Our lungs won't know what to do with all that oxygen!

"My feet are tired, but my soul is wide awake"

The Yellowstone Institute