4th April 2017, Everest Base camp

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We awoke to a relatively late morning due to the lack of sunlight (the surrounding mountains are high). After a delightful breakfast we went on an easy hike to the Khumbu Ice Fields to witness their exquisite and unique formations. There were ice caves and upright formations from the uneven melting of the ice field. We saw evidence of the avalanches from 2014 and 2015 that brought so much damage to the Everest climbing community. We climbed up some crevices and found lots of garbage to bring back to camp to get rid of.

Khumbu Icefall glow

Crackling ice; glacial melt flows

Apex of our climb.

After lunch we had free time. Some of us rested and others wandered around the camp and beyond. Fiona and Rowie offered head, neck, back and hand massages for contributions to the Wongchu Sherpa Memorial Hospital Foundation. Rowie also offered professional photography for the same foundation. We had wonderful lectures from Luanne on case studies from Everest ER and Meg from her time in Pheriche. 

We had another wonderful dinner including  a large banana pastry that was a hit for everyone. The cooking crew came for their deserved applause for their great cooking for the last 2 days. After dinner we played games and talked. We got our debrief from Ang Phula for tomorrow that includes a long walk to Dingbuche that will be rough on the knees.