1st April 2017, Trek to Lobuche

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The day began with a concerning scare. Lulu approached us at breakfast with a grave face, voicing her concerns over Super Phula, who, it seemed, had taken ill over the night. She wasn't sure if she may have to evacuate him by helicopter, and requested our input. We all filed into the sunroom at the Himalayan Lodge, where Phula was lying still, prone under a  blanket. Lulu carefully lifted back the blanket to reveal... the sign taped to Phula's bottom: APRIL FOOL!!!  walking out of pheriche into the valley with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. A slow stedy pace got us to our lunch spot,now in barren land surrounded snow and glacier capped mountains. anothe carb loaded lunch prepared us for a short hill climb to be remembered.

this was followed by a rather flat but slight elevation gain, to lobuche. On the way we saw areas of snow on the round.Alhought the weather remained sunny, our day was free of helicopta noise pollution. we arrided Hight altitude home Lobuche. Due to the early arrival a movie was planned unfrtunately, we have some major first world problems and didnt have the right connection to watch the film as planned so we huddled around an ipad to watch the climbing docunentery meru.

the day ended with some preety exciting card games of shithead, with some new loser to wear the underpants on the head.

Leaving Pheriche

A lovely stroll upvalley

Early Thukla lunch