26th-March-2017-Phakding to Namche

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26th March 2017 Phakding to Namche

Namaste! My name is Rowie. I am a nurse from Australia, participating in the WMS Everest Experience. This morning (the second day of our trek) I woke up  in the small mountain town of Phakding which was around 2610 meters.  Surrounding me was  mountains! Big, gorgeous, majestic mountains. I was greeted with my first feel of the mountain chill air, which meant I had to arrange my layers of clothing accordingly. The girl from Darwin is not in the tropics any more!  Shortly after a black coffee, and my veggie omelet, I packed my backpack, filled up my water bottle, reloaded a new camera memory card then joined the rest of the keen trekkers in our crew. The first part of the morning was STUNNING. Being from a photographic background , I am passionate for landscape photography and have so much appreciation for the natural beauty that our earth holds, but this world I am in now has it's very own beauty, it's own wonders, and it's own magic. Today I was in Heaven! Along the track we followed a river which is named Dudh Koshi. The river sparkled aqua marine in colour, it was windy and curvy and it looked like goddess water! The River went for miles along our trek, every corner was an opportunity to see it from a new view, and if that wasn't enough, the mountains glowed in the back ground, along with Nepal's National Flower, the Rhododendrons – Pink, Red and White flowers in their spring full bloom, for me this scene was breath taking. I was the slowest person in our group of 17 trekkers because I was the one stopping all the time to take photos. One of our amazing sherpas who hung behind the group with me, told me 'take your time and take as many photos as you like', so, I listened to him! – Thanks Eddy!

Soon enough, the accent really started to kick, and from eye level it all looked very up-ish! We climbed some epic vertical stairs (meanwhile the local Nepali porters were over taking us with their loads of up to 45 kilos and some! Seeing this was a nice reminder of  1. respect and 2. appreciation!) The stairs led us to a bridge.  The bridge, was not something out of the fairytale. This bridge, narrow, made of  steel, kinda looked like a cattle grid if you looked down, it went from one mountain face to the other and it was the highest bridge on route to Mt Everest, which also made it the most windy when crossing and if you were lucky you would cross it alone and not with a mob of Yaks heading your way! (side note, for those have never seen a Yak before, these beasts are  similar to a small buffalo!). We all made is safely to the other side and continued the up hill climb onwards.

We all shared a beautiful lunch at Jorsalle, I had the Dal Bhat (koota) then we pushed on to Namche. We passed many donkey stampedes which were heading down the mountain that always made me laugh because it was the Nepali version of running with the bulls! You had to move fast and get out of their way, or you copped it. I saw many openings of sweet mountain views which were lightly dusted with foggy hazes  and the tall forest mountain trees which made a gorgeous whistle when the wind blew through them.

We arrived Namche 3400 meters,  the cold began to settle in for the night and to my amazement and excitement, the bed I am sleeping in tonight HAS AN ELECTRIC BLANKET! HR increased here!!!!

Loving every bit of this experience so far. Can see myself getting used to the Masala chai and Mountain Honey and never leaving Nepal! Only joking Mum xx