November 11,2016 Trek To Pikey Peak base camp

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Cheese Factory, a Nak(Female Yak) Goring, and Apple Pie at 12,500 feet. 
    We made it to Pikey Peak base camp today! It was our shortest  hiking day, but the highest elevation so far - 12,500 feet.  Along the trail we stopped to tour a mountain cheese factory, which is one of the oldest in the region- more than 60 years in business. The cheese season is coming to a close as the weather is turning colder and the Naks are moving lower in the valley to graze. 
    The afternoon was spent lounging around adapting to the altitude.  Naps were a high priority.  Those folks who tried to do laundry two days ago and found their wet clothes frozen this morning were welcoming the sunshine this afternoon. For the record Mike claims it is easier to stack frozen socks than to fold them! 
    This camp has a rogue juvenile Nak who is very inquisitive but has a bit of an attitude . She likes to walk among the tents appearing friendly, but there were bruises and abrasions to disprove her innocence. Even the females have a good set of horns. We've all been warned to steer clear of the livestock tonight and I suspect the Sherpa's will have a busy night keeping her at bay and out of our tents. 

    The clouds rolled in mid afternoon and we all enjoyed quite chilly weather. Most certainly the coldest of all the stops so far. Pikey Peak sits just up behind us and late in the day part of the group attempted a summit for sunset. Unfortunately, the wind picked up quickly, and the fog rolled in. We fell just short of the top and turned back to make it safely down before dark. The entire group will hike together tomorrow morning to catch the first light of sunrise and views of 5 of Nepal's 8000m peaks. Mt. Everest included.

             We continue to be fed immense amounts of delicious food and today was no exception. The most impressive feat was the giant apple pie that was made for dessert after dinner. I'm not sure how the cook team does this, especially baking at this altitude, but we are all enjoying it.  I'm certain no one will be losing weight on this trek.  Many thanks to our team who are taking great care of us!
Erica S.