November 10th,2016 Trek to Ngahur

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"So there's more up?"
Namaste Friends and Family, 
Today we trekked from Namkheli to Ngaur and have reached 11,120 feet. Tomorrow we trek to Pikey Peak base camp where we acclimatize in preparation for our summit to Pikey Peak the following day.  Today's climb was a steep beast. According to my iPhone Heart app, we climbed 163 flights of stairs, walked 15,901 steps and 6 miles. We began our trek like the past 3 mornings at 7:30am. It was very cool and very steep. Phula told us last night that our ascent today would "not be very flat." I am starting to get used to sherpa talk. The weather has been perfect. The food has been amazing. We were supposed to lose weight on this trek but the sherpas might have to roll us onto the flight at Phaplu. As we neared the end of our trek today, we were told "only about 45 more minutes." 45 minutes came and went and after 5 hours of trekking we were all ready to call it a day. We all kept asking "how can there be more up?" "There's more up, uh?" We arrived in Ngaur to crisp air and foggy conditions. After an invigorating game of Head's Up followed by popcorn and inappropriate banter, we stepped outside to the most amazing scene. The sun was setting and the clouds had cleared and a beautiful alpenglow scene was visible. The peak visible to us is Number and holy smokes, it is absolutely breathtaking. Looking forward to a short trek day tomorrow to Pikey Peak base camp and a day of rest before our final ascent. Kisses and hugs to friends and family.