November 9, 2016 Trek to Namkheli

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Namaste! (Hello) Oh Yeah 
Day 3 of trekking
Here are some highlights:
Dip dip dip tea- a brand that we are hooked on.  Talk with me and I'll share some.  
Food- so good and so much. 1 day = 1 week's worth
Showers- not daily (or weekly) however 300 Rupees= $3 quite a bargain or river bathing in Everest runoff water.  now how's that for a spa treatment?
Bird life- we have all become ornithologists.  myna birds have such a beautiful song that greeted us this morning!  "Put a bird on it!"
adorable Nepali children!- teaching them to fist bump 
Music-lots of great playlists with not so great singing (Me for example haha)
Rocks- lots of rocks slipped into unattended back packs
Marigolds- Make me joyful everytime I see them which is thousands of times a day!
Namaste (good bye)