November 8,2016-Trek to Bhandar

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"Birds, Bees, and Beer on the way to Bhandar"
We were awoken this morning by the singing of the orange headed thrush birds.   The air was crisp and breakfast was joyful with much laughter and music.  Along the trail we were greated by numerous "namastes" and smiles from the village children.  The start of the hike from Shivalya was a few hours of climbing through villages with magnificient mountain views.  The bumble bees were busily polinating the flowers.  We continued our climb up to arrive at  Neurli Mountain pass where we indulged in nak cheese and beers to celebrate.  The jokes and laughter were plentiful and those that left their packs unattended were given extra rocks to carry.  We danced, sang, and laughed along the way.  After providing much entertainment for the locals we descended down into a the Bhandar valley.  Evidence from the previous years earthquake was apparent in the crumbled, abandoned homes along the way. 
The sherpas strength was impressive as they carried 100lbs of weight, while us "mikrus" (the nepali word for white people) carried our light day packs.  After arriving at our camp for the night a spontaneous soccer game broke out between the sherpas and the "mikrus".  

The evening dinner of sushi, pizza, popcorn, soup, and curry potatoes left us with buddha bellies.  The food was unbelievable and we were all left astounded by the chefs ability to make us sushi while high in the himalayan moutains.  We finished the evening with a few more beers, card games, and most importantly laughter!
Namaste and good night from Bhandar Valley,
Linda Andrus and the rest of the Peak Promotion Team.