November 6th,2016-Drive To Jiri

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We're all bird-people now.

The city of Kathmandu is a mix of ruthless traffic, well priced NorthFace, and bird stuff. After arriving here to meet with 15 strangers, the crew has gelled together over shared culture shock. The veteran trekkers have been schooling the rookies on the rules of the road, the Utah girls have been pimping out the She-Wee contraption that has glass ceilings across the subcontinent, and Sara got caught photographing teenage boys showering. 
Jen was kind enouogh to draft us each into the riveting world of bird-watching just in time for our first group dinner. Luckily for everyone, the restaurant sang us the song of their people, and we were treated to a 12 minute interpretive dance by a man dressed as a peacock during dessert. By day, we were treated to a flyby past Everest, a tour of the Monkey Temple, and a crash course on master painting. 
It's our first night camping, and we just finished our walkabout in Jiri. We begin the trek in the morning, and are already tantalized by the peaks of Earth's proudest peaks temping us in the distance. It's been pretty easy going thus far, and we have a delightfully eclectic group of characters on the trail. Half of these medical processionals think I'm a medical-malpractice attorney, so regardless of what happens on Tuesday at the ballot box--at least  I've built one wall that will never crumble.

We miss you all at home, and are all very proud of the cause that we're trekking for. Wongchu Sherpa touched many people's lives, and is universally revered among the mountain community--it's a humbling feeling to know that his legacy is being built through the efforts of a handful of his friends who believed in his vision. Namaste from Nepal. BB