21st April, 2012 - We are still in Lukla

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Having dinner at LuklaHaving dinner at Lukla

trekking in nepal


trekking in nepal
20th April, 2012 - Yes, we are still in Lukla!

We were to fly to Kathmandu this morning, but our flight was canceled due to storms.   We walked/jogged quickly to the airport, waiting three hours before finding out it was not going to happen...  Soooooo, we walked back to our lodge but were not able to shower since there was still no hot water.  We bought more toilet paper, had more hot tea, and did some “people watching” on the streets of Lukla.  There was a group of seven jyopkyo (a cross between yak and cow) being loaded with goods in front of our lodge on the main “trail.”  The men had the huge animals blocking the way for around 20 minutes, but no one minded!  The people simply walked between them, and the neighboring store owners even cleaned up after the jyopkyo without grumping!  The one lady working in a store was doing her laundry in a large bowl, piece by piece.  She actually stopped to clean up a jyopkyo mess, and went right back to her laundry (without a hand washing sink in sight).  She used the extra laundry water to splash on the street to keep the dust down.  Another lady working at a different store also helped, neither being asked to do so, nor expecting a “thank you.”  The men loading the animals were perspiring, working hard lifting and securing the goods to the animals, getting the job done.  Both of the women’s hair was perfectly groomed, and the men had their fashionable hats in place.  Talk about teamwork…!  The new flight for Kathmandu is scheduled for tomorrow morning.  Our fingers are crossed! 
Greg & Nancy Pyle
Todd & Susan Roadman