16 May 2006, Beautiful views of the Himalayas...

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From Stephanie

Happy 40th Birthday LISA, Today we gain 200 ft in elevation and if the weather holds out we will continue to see beautiful views of the Himalayas. We are going a slow and steady pace up the mountain. People are keeping in good health. Save for a few stomach issues along he way. And we are making sure we acclimatize will before moving up. Diamox we love you Zofran. You are a close second. Wongchu keeps a close eye and a strong hand on us. Making sure we rest, eat and drink when we need to. Since he summited Everest twice who are we to argue? I have my IPOD even at 16,000 ft. And I am good to keep on keeping "on". Mom Happy Late Mother's Day. Happy Early B'day and if you ever complain about walking up six flights of stairs to visit me again. I am sending you to Wongchu's Boot Camp where the stairs are endless and the oxygen are limited. Miss you all! Dharma BEHAVE