15th Feb , 2012 - Everest Base Camp

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15th February, 2012 - Everest Base Camp

We wake up and the first thing we do is looking outside. It is very cloudy so that doesn't make us happy at all. Because we are short in time we decided yesterday we would skip Basecamp and go to Kala Pathar because there we would have a better view over all different mountaintops incl. Everest but when it is cloudy and snowing there is nothing to see. We start early anyway up to Gorak shep and will decide what we will do when we get there. It is not a very hard trail but the weather, snow and wind, make it a tough road. After about 2 hours we arrive at Gorak Shep and it is clear that Kala Pathar is useless at that point because of lack of view so we decide to go to basecamp although that is a bit further and will make the whole trip for the day longer as well because the plann is to head back to Periche for the night. 

We decide to go for it and endure the snow and chilly wind up to basecamp. WE DID IT! The sights at basecamp and on the way there were amazing and worth all the cold and wind and snow. After a short period at campsite and taking all the pictures we could we headed back to Gorak SHep, had a quick lunch with our friends whom we left behend and went straight on to Periche. We felt like we were having wings and it felt like our feet didn't even though the ground anymore. Even though it kept snowing and the wind blew sharp into our faces we walked as if it was our first day. The snow made it hard to see the trail but we followed our guide Ang Dawa blindly and he let us all the way down to Periche even through the dark. we were very happy to arrive, had a great Nepali diner and slept as 2 little babies.