14th Feb , 2012 - Valentine's Day

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14th February, 2012 - Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day! This isn't something that keeps us busy but our friends are trying to get in touch with their 'home-base' all day long. We had a pretty good sleep and after a nice breakfast we are leaving Dingboche for Lobuche leaving our friends behind who are planning to go to Thukla, which lies a little bit under Loboche which gives them more time to acclamatize. After 1,5 hour we already pass Tukla after a very easy walk through a moonlike landscape. We stop for a cup of tea and get ready for the heavy part of this trip today.Right after Thukla we have to climb a very rocky hill that brings us up for about 300-400 meters at once. While climbing up a group of people with their packs on Yaks are coming down. 

When we arrive at the top we can catch our breathe right at the memorial place. A place with different memorials to remember all the dead that have been taken by the mountains of Khumbu-area. This is very impressive. After a 15 minute rest we go on towards Lobuche. The flora has changed drastic over the last few km. There are no trees anymore. Only some very low bushes and moss. After about 45 minutes we're already walking into Lobuche. We decide to make another climb up on a hill next to our Lodge. When we get back it doesn't take long or also our 'friends' arrive. They decided Thukla was not enough action for one day so they followed us. We all cuddled up around the fire and after a nice diner we all went to bed ready to start dreaming about tomorrow. THE day we will hit either Kala Pathar or Base-camp, depending on the weather.