12th Feb , 2012 - Tengboche - Rest Day

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trekking in nepal
trekking in nepal


12th February, 2012 - Tengboche- Rest Day

Never thought we would be getting ‘used’ to sleeping at -10 degrees, but we are. Although…Bas had a rough night and Kristel finally slept a few hours in a row. This morning we decided to take a rest day to acclimatize a bit because we both came back with headaches last night and weren’t feeling too fit this morning. Together with the guys we met yesterday, who were also taking a rest day, we decided to go for an ‘easy’ Sunday morning walk towards Pangboche which lies a little bit higher then TengBoche so would be good to acclimatize. Soon we found out that nice and easy meant something totally different to them. They just seemed to fly away and soon we decided to let them go and find our own pace because otherwise this rest day would turn into a RIP-day. We met again for a cup of tea at Pang Boche where we also bought a pair of walking-poles because these other guys really seemed to benefit from them and so did we on our way back. The weather this morning was really nice and the sun was already shining during breakfast.

We are surrounded by mountains which gives us the feeling we/re in the middle of a Bob Ross painting, with “maybe some trees over here, and let’s have a nice little hut over there”. Just after we headed back the clouds swooped in over the ridge, which lowered the temperature pretty drastic. We came back ‘home’ around noon but the woodstove here is only put on at 4 pm so we had to kill sometime in the cold. The monks of the monastery were repiring all which the storm had destroyed and preparing for the ceremony they will have here in 5 days.  We wondered around the area for a bit, climbed up a small track until it became to foggy and we had to go back. Slowly the whole guesthouse became filled with other trackers and their stories. We bought 2 packs of playing cards and will probably start game with our new made friends soon. Tomorrow we will have a pretty heavy day ahead going all the way up to …so we probably will be going to bed early. Don’t have to worry about taking a shower……all is frozen!

Kristel & PB

Himalaya View from Tengboche
Way to Everest Base camp