17th May, 2013 - Gorakshep

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17th May, 2013 - Trek to Gorakshep

Today was the eighth day of our trek. It was from Lobuche to Gorak Shep. Up to Tengboche it was a trek surrounded by beautiful trees, but this tree cover was lost after we crossed Tengboche, Till Lobuche there were at least bushes, but after  Lobuche the terrain was even without any bushes. But it was interesting trek. It was bit difficult at places. Many a times the trek was through river bed. In between there was a glacier, which every one of us enjoyed.  As we approached Gorak Shep, Kala Pathhar and Everest Base Camp became visible. It was a wonderful sight. The sky was cloudy. But within a short time it became clear and what a wonderful view of Mount Everest was seen, along with Nuptse.

There came good news today that three of the Giripremi team members have successfully acheived the sumit of Mount Everest. Anand Mali, Bhushan harshe and Ganesh More were the mountaineers who acheived the summit of Everest along with five Sherpas. One thing should be told here that Sherpas are great mountaineers. Mountaineering is in their blood. They are highly cooperative, humble and will never say no to anything you tell them to do. Without them, I think, it is not possible for anyone to summit. The carry your load, provide you all support and also guide you.

Gorak Shep has two or three hotels only a tiny village. Suddenly in the evening the sky became very clear and Mount Everest was beautifully visible with the number of stars in the back ground. 

Tomorrow the group will move for Base Camp, the most awaited destination.

Amit riding horse to get in Lobuche

heading up to Gorakshep


heading up to Gorakshep

heading up to Gorakshep