15th May, 2013 - Acclimatization Hiking

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15th May, 2013 - Acclimatization Hiking

Amit and me didn’t order bed tea for today and hence could manage an extra hour of sleep. Sleep has become a luxury these days for us. After the breakfast we visited the memorial built for the people who lost their lives during the Everest expedition.

We all started of steadily from pheriche (4200m) with a positive spirit to attain a height of 5100m. After a few kilometers Nikhil, Atul, Satish and me picked up speed. Mama, Suresh Kaka and Amit maintained a steady pace and were engrossed in some serious photography. 

Nikhil was ecstatic when he reached his final destination as it was his first time to climb to a height of 5100m. Vishal started off 2hrs late from all others but reached at the same time as Nikhil, Atul and Phula. Due to heavy winds and worsening climatic conditions Satish and me had to return back. The winds were bad and our energy levels were low. We somehow managed to return to our hotel safely but were totally exhausted. Satish, Amit and me are now on light dose of medicines and we hope for a pleasant journey to Lobuche.

Aniket Haware