2 May, 2013 - Trek to Thorang Phedi

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2- May 2013 - Trek to Thorang Phedi

Arrived in Thorung Phedi after a relatively short but exposed trek over slate and skree.  A herd of wild blue sheep were seen high on the mountainside.  We found the village somewhat primitive.  Workman carrying stones on their backs for the reconstruction of the dining room created a scene that could have been centuries old.  On a day hike, we climbed 1200 feet to High Camp where we encountered Yaks laying along the trail. 

Not sure if we finished last night’s post.  After we descended we came into Muktinath where we visited the temple and gompa both of which are one of the major Hindu pilgrimages.  The water at the temple is said to have healing powers.  We checked into the North Pole Lodge in Ranipauwa and enjoyed a great meal (George’s pick was the best…spaghetti carbonara vs. dal baht/vegi pizza).  The village dogs celebrated our visit…all night long.  Not many of us got a full night’s sleep.




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