25 April, 2013 - Trek to Dharapani

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25 April, 2013 - Trek to Dhara Pani

Today started with a prayer session from the family matriarch swinging incense at the Hotel Lhasa.  She gave us good juju for the day ahead.  Crossing the river on a suspension bridge and quickly gaining altitude we walked through marijuana patches and some mildly exposed areas of the trail towards Tal.  We saw our first prayer wheels and walked through the valley of Taal.  We are seeing more prayer flags and Tibetans.  The air is getting cooler at night as we ended the day at the Hotel Dharapani, home of horses and dogs.  Mint tea is the drink of the trip.  All are in good shape and the views keep getting better and better.  The Hotel Dharapani definitely has the best hot showers in town.


Trek lunch