15th April, 2013 - Everest Base Camp

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15th April, 2013 - Trek to Everest Base Camp

Sorry for not writing a log yesterday, but several difference courses made it impossible. We woke up as usually about 6.30 when one of the rescue-choppers was entering the area.  They are very busy nowadays and a lot of trekkers/climbers are needed them, but so far we haven’t heard of any serious accidence or deaths.

Today’s event is walking to BASE CAMP MOUNT EVEREST, it will take approximately 5 ours tracking to a altitude of 5364m. The climbing-season usually starts from the middle of May and this year, so far. 30 expeditions has been noted, included Peak Promotion.  On our way to the camp we met a Swedish man Tobbe, who was involved in a mix international group, wish are planning to reach the summit in one month. Mr Tobbe writes a blog “fran fittja till himlen”. When we arrived we could see an amazing sight over an area of yellow tents of difference sizes. We were invited to the PP tent. And talked, among others, with two American women who were going the icefall next day.  We went back to our camp and a very tired group of Swedes crawled into our ice cold sleeping bags.

Natural information: this morning our head guide informed us that in the area of Lukla still you can see tigers and Nepalese bears. Unconfirmed rumors stated that even a tail of a snow leopard has min noticed in a cave near Island Peak, history will tell…………………….

-Tommy and Bjorn



hiking day


hiking day


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