9th April, 2013 - Trek to Namche Bazaar

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9th April, 2013 - Trek to Namche Bazaar

A long day is coming to its end. We’re now sitting around the dinnertable discussing todays walk and the first day's happenings. Some unsolved questions came up. Did Hasse and Bosse really not hear the alarm clock the morning we flew to Lukla? Why did Mattias have to pee at that rocky place, slipping and destroying his expensive Nikon camera? Did Bosse plan to eat that dishwasher tablet, or was it really a mistake? Why didn’t anyone have any toilet paper Hakan? Well, we have some investigators among us and they will hopefully solve these questions during this trek.

Anyhow, we started our day with a relatively easy and beautiful trek. We crossed a couple of hanging bridges with the sun shining from a clear blue sky. It is impressive to see all the porters carrying loads of things on their backs. After a few hours we were at the highest hanging bridge in the area, Laecha Dovan Bridge. The bridge is followed by a steep hill up to Namche Bazaar. I think all of us where very tired after that trek - on the warm and dusty path. Finally we reached Namche! Totally we have climbed 800 meters today and the altitude now makes itself reminded. We have the best guides and they are really doing everything for us - so we really are in good hands!
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Emelie, Luis, Anders, Mikael, Mattias och Hakan



mani stone




ghat village