6th April, 2013 - Arrive in Kathmandu

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Island Peak


6th April, 2013 -Finally in Nepal! 

After weeks of preparation we’re finally here! Today the group was all together for the first time. We left the airport with a warm Kathmandu breeze through the car windows, heading for the hotel - situated in the in the wonderfully caotic Thamel area. A few hours rest and some strolling around the neighborhood where followed by a tour briefing in the hotel garden. Wongchu Sherpa and his Peak Promotion team gave us useful and detailed information about the trek and climb. We were told about high altitude, what to bring and things that are absolutely not necessary in the mountains… A hectic day with lots of new impressions was ended with some last minute shopping and a nice dinner at a local restaurant. I think all of us are really excited and happy to be in this amazing country.

So long