13th April , 2013 - Back to Tengboche from Lobuche

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April 13, 2013 - Back to Tengboche

Last night, we partied it up with a rowdy bunch of locals while Rob Dailey provided live musical entertainment.  Rumor has it that Rob Dailey even knows some Bryan Adams.  After a solid night’s sleep at 5000m, we woke to a fulfilling breakfast of eggs, Sherpa bread, and chocolate pancake—except for Gino, who waited until almost nine a.m. for a pair of boiled eggs and some oatmeal.  Little did we know when breakfast was finished that we would walk for almost seven hours over difficult terrain.  We stopped for lunch in Pheriche at the Himalayan Lodge, the same hotel we had stayed in just three days prior. We passed through Deboche and made the 20 minute hike up the hill to Tengboche, which previously took 45 minutes to complete.  One of the constant comments of the day was how much easier everything was and how much better we felt.  It’s amazing what a difference several thousand feet of acclimatization can make.  Even after seven hours of mountain travel, we still feel ready to run a marathon.  Upon arrival at Tengboche (3900m), we found our rooms at the hilltop Himalayan Hotel, a name that Peak Promotions is apparently quite fond of.  It felt like we missed so many things on the way up due to mouth breathing. It looks even better on the way down. We wandered around the beautiful mountaintop area that is Tengboche in the evening, able to see so much of the Himalayan heaven around us. After another delicious dinner, Rob & Big played a live sess for yet another unexpecting, then eager crowd of locals and foreigners. We are known to the locals in this town as the "Charlie & Music group."

-Gus, Gino & Diz